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A screenshot from the game, Stay Alive.

The Game From Black Mountain Side

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The Game From Black Mountain Side

After listening to A-Z Horror’s latest podcast discussing Black Mountain Side, I realized there may be some demand for the game from Black Mountain Side, the game Jensen (Shane Twerdun) is seen playing in the film — mostly because the game is discussed in the podcast. A-Z Horror puts on a wonderful podcast and I recommend it highly.


Some people have asked what the game is. I actually created the game seen in the film back when I was in high-school, when I was stuck in a hotel in Quebec for a few days. It’s called ZOMBIES!!! and it’s a platform survival game where you need to defend a little house from an endless horde of zombies. It was the only source of entertainment while we were filming Black Mountain Side, and Tim Lyle (who plays McNaughton in the film) was the only one who beat the game.

An updated version

ZOMBIES!!! only runs on Windows, but after filming Black Mountain Side, I created a much smoother and shinier version called Stay Alive, where you can actually play as characters from Black Mountain Side, and one of the playable levels is Station 9. The Black Mountain Side content must be unlocked. However, because of my lack of programming skills, Stay Alive only runs on Mac OSX.

A screenshot from the game, Stay Alive.
A screenshot from the game, Stay Alive.

So if you’re running Windows, enjoy the game from the movie, and if you’re running OSX, enjoy a more complete game. Some day I will try to figure out a way to make Stay Alive run on Windows as well.



Note: Don’t try to fullscreen Stay Alive. It seems to get buggy (I just gave it a test run for the first time in three years). Just enjoy it in the little window, as if you were playing an old Gameboy.

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